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An ancient Indian spice ,used worldwide now and famous for its fragrance and medicinal advantages. Be it Masala tea, cold ,hot drinks, ginger garlic paste, special food for pregnant women, and nursing mothers , most of the world cousins or even wine ( famous in UK).

The plant contains aristolochic acid, a carcinogenic compound.

Raw ginger is composed of 79% water, 18% carbohydrates, 2% protein, and 1% fat (table). In 100 grams (a standard amount used to compare with other foods), raw ginger supplies 80 Calories and contains moderate amounts of vitamin B6 (12% of the Daily Value, DV) and the dietary minerals, magnesium (12% DV) and manganese (11% DV), but otherwise is low in nutrient content (table).

All these characteristics makes this herb unique. This is antiinflammatory, alleviates pain, restores strength, alleviates nausea, vomiting and what not.

More researches going on this unique herb and many countries dying to book a patent for this. But our current Government , avoided all such efforts .

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